Ukulele Lessons Kailua

Ukulele Lessons

Roy Sakuma is recognized as Hawaii ’ especially teacher ukulele and author of the instrument. Innovation, inspiration, all the words are hot, fun and enjoyable for the description of the Roy. ukulele lessons kailua More than 30 years of teaching of the ukulele, was all this and much more as a producer, promoter, teacher and inspiration for thousands of students and the community of the island, which takes advantage of his talents. In the 1960s, ′ s, such as the youth of America ’ hit stronger guitar, more large swagger, the small tool from Hawaii to the attic in exile. Roy knew ’ real value of the tool. And in the past 30 years with his wife Kathy and his team of instructors and supporters, his mission, to share the joy of educating and promoting the ukulele annual ukulele Festival of the ukulele more important Festival of its kind in the world. The ukulele has come a long way. It is fresh ’ to play the ukulele. Marmalade of youth at the school between classes, at the Park and shopping centre. Ukulele covers worldwide it intends. For decades, interpreted as Roy Sakuma, the ’ of the irresistible charm of ukulele,. .